Career Profile of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a real estate guru with over two decades of experience in the industry. He is the senior vice president of the Legendary Investments and the president of the TDL Global Ventures. Besides the real estate sector, Todd Lubar has worked in other industries such as the mortgage industry, where during his reign he was ranked amongst the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. He has also worked in the entertainment and construction sectors. He is very passionate about setting other people for success and has used his success to help people own homes and establish their business.

The Conception of TDL Global Ventures

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar founded the TDL Global to help people access funds without many barriers. After working in the credit and financial space, the need to help people achieve their dreams in the business world grew stronger.

What Fascinates Lubar?

The convenience of developing technology has fascinated Lubar. Being able to control a lot of things with a push of a button from the phone is pretty exciting for him. He explains that being able to control lights, accounts, and fans are one of the things he loves about the new technology. He monitors the security cameras in his home from his phone.

As an entrepreneur, it is important for Lubar to know every step going on in his business. He values personal organization and ensures he remains informed through his assistants, which helps him make wise decisions. He cites that his background experience in real estate and banking enabled him to bring the idea of TDL to live. His previous experiences in the financial world helped him understand the value of money. He mentions that while at a tender age, he worked at a grocery store. Although the grocery industry wasn’t a fit for him, the experience enabled him to know where his passion lied. He describes the grocery store job as the worst job he ever done. He has worked in the legacy financial group and Crestar Mortgage firm. He has also worked in Charter financial company. He owns a degree in speech communication from the University of Syracuse. He graduated in 1995.

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The Development Plans Of The Damac Corporation

Damac is associated with eye-catching marketing stunts and glitzy property developments. It’s most recent projects was a golf course that they created recently with Donald Trump. Mr. Sajwani takes pride in his first business venture where he performed Food Service to the United States Army at the time of Desert Storm.

The founder and chairman of Damac, Hussain Sajwani, made a comment that he works with Americans all over the world including Somalia, the Gulf and Bosnia. The food portion of the business is still a big part of the Damac Corporation and still has the ability to cultivate important international friends in high places.

Damac is once again putting their good skills in use by considering to publicly offer shares to the London Stock Exchange IPO Ventures. Because it is the early stages of the process he is constraining his comments in regards to the IPO. However, he does state that because of the size of his company and the structure of it, the options are limitless.

One of the reasons he chose to join the IPO, still hypothetically speaking, is because of the cash and bonds cushion. He believes that it will help in the expansion of his business. Damac owner and his business advisors will not give too much information on the value of the IPO, but they believe that it can be worth billions. This will be a big step from the food industry he started in the 1980s.

In 2002, Dubai was at the beginning of a six year real estate boom and decided that property was the answer to success. The Damac Properties and the Hussain Sajwani family emerged during this peak of change and built high quality developments and market them at an aggressive rate. The key to their business model was off plan sales.

In 2008, the sales suddenly dropped any actively chose to cut costs to preserve cash. By May the next year they had enough cushion to protect themselves, and even though the Dubai bubble was the inflating, Damac chose to raise prices and increase off plan sales.

Cleansing Conditioners Protect Hair Condition

Cleansing conditioners that are natural and not harsh are by far the best to use for top-quality hair. They should not contain harsh and damaging chemicals; rather they should emphasize ingredients that are fresh and derived from nature.

A great example of one of these that is great to use is Mandarin Italian Fig Cleansing Conditioner of the hair care line WEN by Chaz. Regular use of it improves the shine and overall condition of the hair. It has a very pleasant smell and is a nice, thick product. It is not necessary to use a great deal of it in order to get the desired effect, so it is possible to have the bottle of cleansing conditioner as a long-lasting product.

Chaz Dean is a stylist in Los Angeles. He is also a photographer and salon owner. Chaz is a tremendous animal lover which causes him to donate to animal charities and he even uses WEN products on his dogs. Chaz Dean created his hair care line that emphasizes natural ingredients. WEN by Chaz has become a renowned hair care line that is used by many celebrities.

There are many different WEN Hair formulas and styling products available depending on the needs of the individual. Dried out hair can surely benefit from the pure goodness of Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioners, so try one today.

Norman Pattiz Releases Results of Edison Research

Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne, and Edison Research vice president released results of comprehensive studies carried out to investigate advertising tests among consumer brands. Some of the key finding by Edison study include: Unaided awareness of products went up by 47% from pre-study group to post study group where there was a financial service, it went up by 37% where automobiles were concern and by 24% in garden and lawn products.

The findings also revealed that automobile aftermarket product awareness went up by 60%. Of the 60% listeners that mentioned particular grocery post campaign brands, 7% of the listeners were in the pre-study.

In 2016, Edison’s research for PodcastOne which was tasked to determine podcast advertising effectiveness for a couple of national brands, found that podcast audiences received brand messages well. Norman said that the core focus of PodcastOne in the study is always to verify that podcast formats enhance brand impact.


This is America’s leading podcast network that is advertiser –supported. It was established by Norman, who is also the Westwood One founder. This network presents an impressive 340 hours each week of original programming across over 200 popular podcasts.

Edison Research

This is a renowned researcher in the podcast space. It conducts research and is invaluable to so many clients for the strategic information it shares. Clients like: AMC theatres, Dolby Laboratories, Pandora, Google, Samsung, Yahoo and Sony among others. Edison also works with the likes of CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS among other leading exit- poll releasing networks.

Norman J. Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is PodcastOne’s executive chairman since 2016. He was also the CEO up until June 2016. Prior to this he worked as a consultant at Westwood One Inc., a company he founded in 1974. Right from its founding, Norman served as Westwood one’s CEO until 1994.

He has served as president of the Broadcast Education group. He once served as chairperson and board member at Los Almos and Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC. He served at Emiritus, Westwood One incorporated as the chairperson. During the Clinton and Bush administrations, Norman was appointed to the governors’ position at the Broadcasting Board in America.

Pattiz helped create Radio Sawa, Alhurra Television: an Arabic language satellite television channel. Since 2001, Norman has been regent at the University of California. At the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School, Norman is on the board.

Owing to his vast experience, Norman has received numerous recognitions and awards, among them the distinguished service award for education, many broadcast of the year awards and the award for freedom of speech. Norman found his way into the Hall of Fame for Radio luminaries towards the end of 2009.

EOS Lipbalm: How a Group of Entrepreneurs Saw a Market Nobody Else Did and Made it Big

Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but the problem is finding the right idea, the right market, and the right niche. However, it’s experience and know-how that allow you to recognize the perfect opportunity when it presents itself, and that’s exactly the story behind the meteoric rise of EOS Lip balm, Founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky set their sights squarely on how to revolutionize drugstore checkout counters with a market-disrupting product. Mehra, a veteran of PepsiCo teamed up with Teller and Dubitsky, who had cut their teeth at start-up incubators, in order to carry out this shake-up.

The answer they came up with was lip balm, a skin care product that had essentially remained the same for hundreds of years in a market that showed no degree of differentiation. Even though women were the main consumers, market leaders Chap-Stick were doing nothing to make their product appeal to the demographic. On the contrary, women bemoaned that their tubes of lip balm tended to get lost in their purses. They also felt new pots on the market interesting but also found it unhygienic to apply it with their hands. Mehra and his team came up with EOS Lip balm, a lip balm product in exciting packaging that would be easier to apply and harder to misplace.

Starting a little revolution in an established industry populated with major players is not easy. It was an uphill battle just to get shelf space in major stores and even on Amazon, but once that was accomplished; the next step was getting the word out. Rather than focus on traditional advertising, EOS decided to Target millennials, depending heavily on product placements in blogs and on YouTube channels and celebrity buzz. The EOS story is proof that there are plenty of opportunities out there for people who know where to look.