Nathaniel Ru’s Story to Success

Nathaniel Ru is a University of McDonough’s alumni who graduated from the University’s School of Business back in 2007. He graduated with a degree in Finance in Georgetown’s local University. In the same year he graduated, Nathaniel and his friends, who also graduated from the same institution, started Sweetgreen.

At the time of Sweetgreen’s conception, the startup was putting significant effort into creating a casual but seasonal kitchen that aimed at achieving sustainability while outsourcing their produce locally. At the start of Nathaniel and associates startup, they decided to open Sweetgreen’s first outlet in the middle of Georgetown.

The motivational factor that led to the development of Sweetgreen was the need to provide the local community with healthy eco-friendly, affordable and delicious cuisines. This has been self-evident in Sweetgreen’s mantra “food that fits.”

The startup believes in availing to its client’s food that fit an individual’s taste, budget, imagination while sticking to the community’s values. Sweetgreen is currently an established enterprise with locations in 27 states across America. Its ability to expand is significant and plans to expand it to America’s west coast were put in consideration in 2015.

In 2010, Nathaniel partnered with his associates to establish Sweetlife, which has now developed to one of the region’s largest organizer and host of music and food festivals. Recent statistics show that Sweetlife’s events are attended by individuals exceeding 20,000.

A lot of glam is often witnessed in these circumstances because the Music performances are done by high profile artists. Celebrity chefs, quality food trucks and even local farmers are among the individuals who come to grace these events. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Same as their restaurant, Sweetlife has embraced healthy living, sustainability and developing great communities. After the partying,

Sweetlife has been leaving behind a carbon neutral footprint in regions where their events take place. Sweetlife has grown to 31 different locations across America. They are expected to expand to more than 40 locations by the end of this financial year.

Ingenuity and quality entrepreneurial skills are at the center of Nathaniel’s journey to success. It is hard to imagine that at one point, while living in their campus facility, Nathaniel would be running one of Americas brightest startup that has close to 95 million dollars in funding.

Most startups, especially in the Food industry, are now emulating Sweetgreen as they started from nothing yet they were able to create themselves a name and legacy. Nathaniel and his associates are currently working on management strategies that are aimed at enabling the enterprise stay close to its clients.

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