Norman Pattiz Releases Results of Edison Research

Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne, and Edison Research vice president released results of comprehensive studies carried out to investigate advertising tests among consumer brands. Some of the key finding by Edison study include: Unaided awareness of products went up by 47% from pre-study group to post study group where there was a financial service, it went up by 37% where automobiles were concern and by 24% in garden and lawn products.

The findings also revealed that automobile aftermarket product awareness went up by 60%. Of the 60% listeners that mentioned particular grocery post campaign brands, 7% of the listeners were in the pre-study.

In 2016, Edison’s research for PodcastOne which was tasked to determine podcast advertising effectiveness for a couple of national brands, found that podcast audiences received brand messages well. Norman said that the core focus of PodcastOne in the study is always to verify that podcast formats enhance brand impact.


This is America’s leading podcast network that is advertiser –supported. It was established by Norman, who is also the Westwood One founder. This network presents an impressive 340 hours each week of original programming across over 200 popular podcasts.

Edison Research

This is a renowned researcher in the podcast space. It conducts research and is invaluable to so many clients for the strategic information it shares. Clients like: AMC theatres, Dolby Laboratories, Pandora, Google, Samsung, Yahoo and Sony among others. Edison also works with the likes of CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS among other leading exit- poll releasing networks.

Norman J. Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is PodcastOne’s executive chairman since 2016. He was also the CEO up until June 2016. Prior to this he worked as a consultant at Westwood One Inc., a company he founded in 1974. Right from its founding, Norman served as Westwood one’s CEO until 1994.

He has served as president of the Broadcast Education group. He once served as chairperson and board member at Los Almos and Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC. He served at Emiritus, Westwood One incorporated as the chairperson. During the Clinton and Bush administrations, Norman was appointed to the governors’ position at the Broadcasting Board in America.

Pattiz helped create Radio Sawa, Alhurra Television: an Arabic language satellite television channel. Since 2001, Norman has been regent at the University of California. At the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School, Norman is on the board.

Owing to his vast experience, Norman has received numerous recognitions and awards, among them the distinguished service award for education, many broadcast of the year awards and the award for freedom of speech. Norman found his way into the Hall of Fame for Radio luminaries towards the end of 2009.