Orange Cost College Builds New Planetarium and With it Opportunities

Orange Coast College located in Costa Mesa, California received an incredible donation recently when retired professor Mary McChesney donated $1 million to help with the construction of the new planetarium the school is having built. The new planetarium will feature a Foucault pendulum. This donation means a lot to the school and the community, considering that the original planetarium had been built in the 50s and has less than 40 seats available. The new planetarium will have approximately 129 seats and will also feature an exhibit dedicated to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The project will likely be up and running by the fall semester of 2018. OCC’s planetarium will surely prove to be both a fun and educational presence for the college and the surrounding community as a whole.

Since its beginning in 1947, Orange Coast College has been a community college providing Orange County with access to a quality education. This can be assumed by the fact that most students that attend OCC go on to transfer to UC, CSU, or private universities to continue their education. Offering spring, summer, fall and winter classes OCC allows students the opportunity to quickly advance or catch up on their academic work to ensure future success. OCC also offers a variety of educational and career programs, perhaps most notably its public nautical programs. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges has fully accredited Orange Coast College, making it a reputable and well established community college for the public to enroll in.

Both men and women can become involved in a variety of team sports at OCC. Whether seeking scholarship opportunities or choosing to play as avid hobbyists, students have a wide selection to chose from, such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer; swimming, cheer/dance, cross country and golf. OCC sets itself apart from many community colleges by providing a versatile athletic department open to students from all walks of life. Anyone living in Orange County seeking to advance their education or career would be well advised to look into attending Orange Coast College as it offers many opportunities for growth and development.