Making the Difference in the entertainment Industry-Norman Pittz

Norman Lear is one of the most popular names in the entertainment industry and the televisions in the United States of America. He can well be described and known by many in the industry as a veteran writer, creator, and producer of the most popular television programs that were viewed in the United States of America including; the Jefferson, one daytime, all in the family, and good times. Norman Lear is back and now he is doing what he loves most behind the microphones in podcast. The program which will be known as All Above with Norman Lear was launched recently with the announcement made by Norman Pittz who is Founder and the Chairman of Podcast one.
The new program is anticipated to take the listeners to another level and will give them a platform to participate in the discussions which will range from social, politics, music, current events, family issues, comedy and much more.( management said that the show will cover and talk about everything and will always feature politicians, celebrities, and other prominent individuals. NORMAN Lear will not be hosting the show alone but he will have another co-host; Paul Hipp who is an actor, colleague, and a composer. The show first aired on May 1st and is available on Podcast One app, and iTunes. Norman Pittz was thrilled to invite Norman Lear in the Podcast team.
Norman Pittz is the Founder and the Chairman of the popular PodcastOne. Mr. Pittz has been in the entertainment and the media industry for an extended period of time. Mr. Norman is also the Chairman and the founder of one of the largest radio stations and companies are known as Westwood one. Norman was at the forefront of leading the top radio station in delivering news to other radio industries which include sports entertainment, general news, traffic programs, and other talks. Mr. Pittz passion for the entertainment began long ago and he is not resting until he experiences a revolution in the entertainment industry.
In 2010 he established yet another entertainment firm which was named Courtside Entertainment Group. The entertainment company which is located in Los Angles, California is responsible for producing as well as financially multi-platforms quality programming. Courtside Entertainment can be described as a home to celebrities and big names such as Laura Ingraham, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Ron Paul, and Bill O’Reilly. In 2013 Pittz created yet another big name in the entertainment sector which grew to become a household name. PodcastOne has now become popular among celebrities. Norman Pittz continues to change the entertainment industry through his shows in Postcastone.