The Trendy Salad Bar Of Nathaniel Ru


Sweetgreen is the latest chain of casual salads that is highly popular. Besides being healthy, these salads are delicious too.

People appreciate these salads for the vibrant lettuce, interesting dressing, along with tangy cheese crumbles. Nathaniel Ru clarifies that Sweetgreen is successful since it is healthy food which is tasty as well as affordable. It is priced similar to that of a burger and fries. But it is more nourishing and healthier too.

This is a chain that was started by Nathaniel Ru in Washington, DC. This was in 2007. Today this chain has over 40 sites that are spread all across New York as well as California. New ones will soon be opened in Boston along with Chicago.

The co-founder of Sweetgreen is Nathaniel Ru. According to Nathaniel Ru, the timing is very important while opening a new store. This is because entering a market is as important as the number of stores that are opening.

This is why the first store of Sweetgreen in New York was at 28th and Broadway. This was the NoMad neighborhood that is highly chic. Most of the other fast food chains were located along 23rd street at that time.

In this way, Sweetgreen has always set itself apart from others. Its other stores are located in the affluent neighborhoods of Tribeca, besides Nolita, as well as Williamsburg. This ensures that the place remains crowded during lunch, dinners and even on weekends.

Nathaniel Ru has focused a lot on the design of Sweetgreen. It has clean lines that lead to smiling faces. The service design is a culmination of design, storytelling along with technology. Hence a simple product has been converted into a personalized service which is consistent to each customer

This is a restaurant that people visit or order through the site or with the app.

Nathaniel Ru states that the first thing people see here is the open kitchen.

This means that they can see the ingredients, the kitchen, and the entire process. They can see that all the dressings and other products are made fresh every day. Besides, the produce is delivered each morning. Hence it is better to show all the guests rather than telling them about it.

There is no assembly line process here. Rather, each person is taken through the entire process. The entire ordering process takes around two to three minutes. But it is a highly accurate process.

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