Fabletics Meets the Needs of Today’s Buyer; Not Yesterday’s

How do you shop these days? If you are anything like me, or a growing number of consumers across America, the thought of going into stores to shop is becoming less and less appealing. The exception is often made for smaller boutiques that may have just one or two pieces of any specific inventory. However, clothing shopping is going more and more to the online space. Even when shoppers do go into the stores, many often leave without making a purchase. Many people then go home after trying on a few items or seeing how items physically look and scour the online world to find the same thing at a discounted rate. This could be a discount just less than a dollar, but it still feels great to get a savings, right?


Three years ago, in the world of athletic wear, buyers had options that fell strictly into two camps. First, they could shop for very high end pieces that often costs over $100 each and offered little to no variation or fashion style. Next, they could shop for athletic wear that was highly functional in nature and while costs less than option A, felt very much like a workout uniform.


Enter Fabletics!! The startup launched in 2014 and has grown to have 1.5 million members in just three short years while showing no signs of slowing down. Fabletics is taking on online wholesalers like Amazon by using what it calls the reverse showroom model of sales. This brings the store/showroom right to the consumer via its website. Buyers can visit and engage with the brand, view products and learn more about what pieces they would like in an online space, then sign up for a membership model that sends an outfit tailored to them right to their door.


How is it tailored you may ask? Fabletics has a simple Lifestyle Quiz that asks questions of each person and after answering, you will forever have a unique profile. This means each outfit is selected just for your personal taste and style!

One of the people most genuinely passionate about using the reverse showroom model to give Fabletics a step ahead of the competition is spokes woman Kate Hudson. She joined Fabletics at the very beginning and has made it clear that she doesn’t just pose for pictures, but believes in the line very deeply and supports the vision of bringing stylish athletic wear to women everywhere.