OSI Group Has A Long History Of Great Taste And Safe Food Production

OSI Group doesn’t always stamp their name on their meats, but they’ve become one of the US’s top beef, poultry and fish marketers for a reason. They specialize in both raw and pre-cooked meats and deliver in both unfinished products and customized ready-to-order meals.

They not only service chain restaurants and stores across the US but have clients all across the globe serving the various markets. They’ve greatly helped the Chicago community through purchasing old plants that might have shut down and keeping the employees there on the payroll.

OSI Group was originally known as Otto & Sons, a name given in honor of its founders the Kolschowsky family. Otto Kolschowsky had come to Chicago from Germany in search of the American dream and found it in the butcher shop he started. That butcher shop survived several decades of the Great Depression and World War II to become one of Chicago’s most vibrant meet companies. In the 1950s Otto & Sons became the first meat provider for the McDonalds restaurants and later added others including KFC and Wendy’s.

Lavin has been outstanding having expertise in the banking industry and bringing that knowledge to the company, but also upholding the company’s family values and creating an atmosphere of trust and serving employee and customer needs.

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