George Soros on Donald Trump & Capitalism

The machinations of the political world on Capitol Hill are largely ignored by the voting populace. People file out to the voting booth once every four years in order to pull a lever, but rarely do they invest any more energy than that. George Soros, a billionaire progressive, has spent his entire life trying to manifest political change throughout the United States as well as the rest of the world. He has become an icon to progressives around the globe and the boogeyman to every conservative that sees his name. Soros had been laying low for the past few years, focused largely on his philanthropy with the Open Society Foundations, but he finally decided to get back into the game when Donald Trump went from a joke candidate to a joke candidate anointed with the Republican nomination.

To put it simply, Donald Trump stands for everything that George Soros has worked all of his life to combat. Soros believes in transparent governance, grassroots activism, social justice, artistic freedom, and the infinite pursuit of true democracy. When Trump took on his nationalistic and authoritative tone and ramped it up with violent rhetoric there was one thing Soros had to do: get involved with mainstream, headline American politics. That is what Soros did. Soros would begin by immediately investing about $25 million in various PACs that support causes he believes in: immigrant voting rights, campaign finance reform, and a more open and inclusive society. These stances are points that Donald Trump and members of the right wing are vehemently against for whatever reason. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros has always been one ready and willing to leap into the political fray when it comes to things that he believes in and it’s due, in large part, to his past. Soros lived in Hungary, as he was born and raised there, when the Nazis came in 1944. During the occupation of ’44 – ’45 nearly half of a million people would be slaughtered by the oppressive, nationalistic forces. Soros and his family would have to fight for their lives every day before eventually fleeing the country in order to emigrate to London. Soros would work multiple jobs in order to attend University and eventually he would make his way to the United States to find his fortune. These life experiences greatly inform what he is doing nowadays and where his focus lies. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Even though he found success in the financial market, George Soros has come to realize just how damaging capitalism can be. Soros believes that the doing what is good for the people at large is an impossible task to balance with capitalism. That is why Soros is working with the Open Society Foundations. So far the OSF has donated nearly $13 billion to foundations around the world.