Rick Smith Brings Innovation Back To Securus

Smith attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and it was there that he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering. He then attended the State University of New York and earned his Master’s in Engineering degree. He also got an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. Straight out of school, Mr. Smith began working at Global Crossing North American Inc. and he held a variety of positions during his 26 years in their employment. He eventually worked his way up to the Vice President of the Financial Management department. In 1998, Mr. Smith got a job with the esteemed Echelon Telecome Inc. as their Chief Financial Officer. He stayed in that position for two years until he was promoted to Company President. He was then promoted again and became the CEO of Eschelon Telecom. During his time there, it is thanks to his exemplary leadership and risk management solutions that they were able to increase their revenues by $320 million. He also improved upon their IPO and implanted an innovative new business plan. In 2007, he left Eschelon and started working with Securus Technologies. In 2008 he became their CEO and President, and one year later he was also given the position of Chairman at the company.

After just one year of working at the company, Rick Smith was promoted to CEO of Securus Technologies. It is thanks to his extensive and impressive background in telecommunications work that he was able to get this opportunity and help Securus get on the road toward success. Mr. Smith is well known within the telecom community for his excellent leadership and the ability to create and come up with new and progressive ideas. Mr. Smith has a strong background in education and it is what he has built his many year of financial and telecommunications experience on.

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Securus is based in Dallas, Texas but its touch has spread to people all over the country. They work to provide their clients with the best telecommunications service within prisons and they are dedicated to producing high quality and effective products and services. They are very devoted to customer service and their call center is based in the United States and recently performed 600% percent better than their competitors. Rick Smith Securus is very interested in advancing technology and he is always looking out for new technical ideas in which they should invest in. This led to him decided to implement video chat into their services, which has been a huge success. It allows the family members of inmates to see them and visit without having to make the drive out to the facility. Mr. Smith is also working to implement biometrics into Securus’ services, which will further put them in the lead of the pack. Read more on prnewswire.com about Rick Smith Securus.

Tripping Up Criminals with the Securus Technologies System

I work at our jail as a corrections officer, and I am on the front lines trying to make certain these inmates tow the line. Too many inmates try to impress the gang they represent by committing even more crime inside, especially when they are serving a life sentence. My jail is the last jail these inmates see, and since they have nothing to lose, they can be very unpredictable. One moment you think you have a good repose with them, the next, they are trying to take your firearm away from you and use it to cause harm.


With all the dangerous inmates packed so closely and outnumbering officers, we have to be on alert every second of the day or bad things are going to happen. We have one gang in our jail where two brothers are at the top of the food-chain and they decide what happens even out on the streets. These inmates not only conduct business in and out of jail, they have their soldiers handing out punishments to other inmates.


To combat the problem, me and my fellow officers are closely monitoring the inmate phone system to see if anything is said that could tip us off to any violence that may be coming soon. Even if we monitor the inmates on the phone, they have a coded way of speaking that trips us up, and many times we miss key information and can not keep them off the phones because of their rights.


Recently we had the Securus Technologies team install a new inmate communication system that helps us to monitor those call even more intently. Now, when a gang leader is talking about drugs or violence, we get a jump on the situation and turn what could be a bad situation into a non-existent one.